The main objective of the ORIGAMI project is to develop a manufacturing process that combines basic additive manufacturing technologies with post-processing operations. Establishing, in this way, a process capable of producing valuable products for biomedical applications and that, at the same time, manages to reduce manufacturing times.

The structure obtained is formed by porosity systems for applications in the biomedical sector, using ceramics based on calcium phosphate or silica glass with excellent biological properties and mesh structure designs to optimize its mechanical characteristics, in order to satisfy the needs of some applications of columnar surgery and bone repair of cancer diseases. In this process, the collaboration and development of trabecular structures with the FAME company is essential, since this company contributes its extensive know-how.

The focus of the project is based on the development of new technology for additive manufacturing processes. This allows us to create biomedical products with high added value that, technologically, may apply to many other sectors in the future.