Idiada is a large format printer, developed by the CIM UPC team, thanks to our long history in the process of creating custom printers. This printer allows us to have optimal results in voluminous prints that we could not achieve with standard parameters, without the custom design and customization of all the equipment. 

This project stands out for the customization of parameters such as size or speed, which are not available to other 3D printer models on the market.

Applus + IDIADA is a multinational company that provides design, engineering, testing and homologation services for the automotive industry. It works with an international network of subsidiaries and branches in 25 countries that ensure optimal, personalized and value-added solutions. 3DCONS is based on the introduction of 3D printing technologies to the construction industry, new constructions, rehabilitation and restoration of heritage. It is focused on the development of new processes and construction materials that integrate 3D printing.


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