The AMFEED project studies new methods of manufacturing sintered porous components based on 3D printing techniques. The main objective of the project consists in the development of a new technological scientific knowledge, focused on additive manufacturing techniques, which allows obtaining metallic and ceramic parts characterized by a level of controlled porosity, and which are oriented to fields such as health or microelectronics.

Thanks to the use of the fused wire manufacturing technique (FFF) we can design and define, in a controlled way, the internal pore of the final piece, working with the internal composition of the material for compounding processes (degree of intrinsic porosity), thus such as internal holes/gaps derived from the layering itself and the strategies used.

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Program and call

Project funded by the MINISTRY OF SCIENCE, INNOVATION AND UNIVERSITIES and by the European Union, within the framework of the Call Challenges-Collaboration of the State Program for Research, Development and Innovation Oriented to the Challenges of Society, within the State Plan for Scientific Research and technical and innovation 2013-2016, with the main objective of promoting technological development, innovation and quality research.