Centres de mecanització multieixos

Milling 4 and 5 axis CNC controlled. This technology allows the manufacture of complex parts in a single lurch, which reduces preparation time and the risk of dimensional mistakes.


  • Manufacture of single and small series in metallic or ceramic materials, plastic piece.
  • Machining of light metals (aerospace technology), steel, titanium and exotic alloys.
  • Mechanized of precision (mechanics dies, sensors, optics) and special pieces (compressors spirals).
  • Mechanized of pieces with thin walls (aeronautics, aerospace technology, cars, domestic appliances).
  • Mechanized far from resonance conditions in complicated pieces (pieces of precision, sensors, optics).
  • Absence of distortion or of residual tension (precision pieces) and absence of thermal load to the piece (applicable to pieces of magnesium).


  • Decrease of the forces of court in the ductile materials, possibility of mechanizing thin walls (0,2 mm).
  • Major precision of the contours, better superficial quality and more precise dimensional tolerances.
  • Reduction of operations of postaccused.
  • Mechanized of an alone stockade.
  • Reduction of the time of mechanized and global cost.
  • I increase in the life of the tool.
  • Possibility of mechanization of hard steels (> 50 HRC).