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Welcome BCN3D Technologies

BCN3D Technologies project, of Fundación CIM-UPC, had been already presented to society. Such a successful event that represents the efforts in investigation and development of digital manufacture technologies of a profesional team which is concerned about the society demandings. And BCN3D Sigma, BCN3D Lux and BCN3D Ignis are the machines that prove this unlimited innovation capacity and the growing importance of participative technologies.

DHUB, located in the center of Glòries and main exponent of design in all its faces, received BCN3D Technologies. A project that talks about design and empowers it. Ideas, creativity, knowledge, and, to sum up, people. People who conceptualize particular designs and want to materialize them. A dialog between technology and feelings.

BCN3D Technologies presentation was developed around this idea. The assembly room of DHUB was filled up by expecting eyes, individuals interested to know more about digital manufacture technologies and to be in touch with Open Source concept. After this introduction to digital manufacture world and the nedding of innovation and education, BCN3D Ignis, BCN3D Sigma and BCN3D Lux were presented. Movement, colours and light unveils the novelty misteries.

Such a transcendental change that search for emphasize the humanity in technology field. Because nowadays is not enough to bring 3D printers to society, but also is important to focus on people. The reason is that, in a producer society, people are responsible of making tools and their own project, and to fuse different digital manufacture technologies, in order to obtain desired products that, other way, they could not being materialized.

The main characters of this presentation were the three machines developed by BCN3D Technologies:


First to be announced was the Sigma 3D. This FDM based machine has a dual independent carriage extruder system. This allows highly accurate dual colour, or multiple material printing without the usual issues associated with oozing of materials due to inactive hot-ends. 


The next machine is Lux. A DLP projector based SLA Resin printer. Designed for large printing, the Lux has a very large 250mm x 140mm print area and Z height of 300mm. Targeted at makerlabs and business users, this is another fully assembled machine designed for constant professional use and generation of large high resolution models.  


Further adding to the range of BCN3D machines is the Ignis. This is a professional Laser cutter and engraver system, again designed for makerslabs and business users. With a 100w C02 Laser cutting system and a 900mm x 600mm x 300mm capacity, the Ignis can handle large-scale manufacturing of cut parts with a wide range of materials.

BCN3D Technologies will be exhibiting and presenting these new machines at the London 3D Printshow 21st to 23rd of May.

Welcome BCN3D Technologies!