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Participarem al Mini Maker Faire

Maker Faire, considered the best technological innovation convention in the world, it is a day dedicated to the exhibition of the latest developments that occur in the technology sector.

Apart from these large-scale events, cities around the world have celebrated editions of this convention with a less astronomical significance, known as Mini Maker Faires and 'Fundació CIM' will be present in the edition to be held in Barcelona close February 7th. The event consists of two distinct parts how are the exhibitors and conferences.

BCN3D Technologies, an rising area of 'Fundació CIM' will have a stand to present the BCN3D + and BCN3DR as printers Badge Open Source -open philosophy manufacturing technology that overcomes the conventions of industrial patents, bringing digital technologies the general consumption-. This concept was born from a revolutionary concept: transform the consumer society in which we live since the early twentieth century in a production company of its own ideas, involving everyone in participatory technology development.

On the other hand, Roger Uceda, director of operations and BCN3D Technologies and Fundació CIM, will participate in one of the round tables scheduled throughout the day. The talk will revolve around the economy where Uceda will discuss the impact that the introduction of 3D printing to productive industry can have it.

Cosmocaixa is the location that will host this event intended for both specialist and family audiences that will have as standard price 4€ -the entry price and a blow to the museum-in access to the conference will be free, although that places will be limited.