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Our expertise will go across the Atlantic!

The Director of Research and Technological Development of the Fundació CIM, Joaquim Minguella, will participate in the conference program of the Expo Manufactura of Monterrey, to discuss the future of 3D printing as a key element in the development of medical devices.

Expo Manufactura is a business forum aimed at bringing together local and international manufacturing communities to showcase their machining, research and development technology. The assistant to the event will find companies and organizations from all around the world whose business focuses on technologies of additive or subtractive manufacturing, robotics, control and measuring, quality and precision  systems .

Besides the main pavilion in which these companies may place their stand with the aim of showcasing their latest developments at their potential audience, the Expo Manufactura has a conference program, which is divided into three branches: Aerospace and Medical Device Manufacturing Manufacturing, Automotive Manufacturing and Metalworking for Manufacturing Industry.

Minguella will host a conference located in the first thematic block titled "R & D design and manufacture of medical devices by 3D printing." It will present the progress Fundació CIM has done and continues doing in developing for offering support to health sector. These advances are intended to design and manufacture medical devices using 3D printing  digital technology.

The Cinternex enclosure will be responsible for hosting the Expo Manufacturing. Large pavilions and adapted to meet any needs you may need exponents make it the ideal location for this event.

Manufacturing Expo will be held from 2nd to 4th February this year, those interested in attending can refer to the conditions and prices on the next document.