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The impact of the 3D technology in the automotive world

The 'Sociedad de Técnicos de Automoción' organized, with the collaboration of the staff of the 'Fundació CIM', a lecture by the director of the entity, Felip Fenollosa, which will focus on the possible applications of 3D printing in the automotive manufacturing.

In the current industrial context, 3D printing technologies have been positioned as the technological vector capable of transforming the contemporary economic paradigm. As Felip will explain, this is due to the characteristics of this technology, which offers the possibility to realize a prototype -or the final piece- from a CAD file to a very small price  compared to that price conventional methods offer.

We will discuss the current state of 3D printing system - or Additive Manufacturing, as it is called in the vicinity of the potential industrial production, and real applications. You will see the evolution in the use of 3D technology in the step of employing for obtaining prototypes -Rapid Prototyping- final pieces, fully functional -Rapid Manufacturing¬ in the automotive sector.

Finally, at this conference the available resources will be exemplified in terms of 3D printing, both in regard to outsourcing, and integration of computers in the office.

The conference will take place on January 28th in the auditorium of the pilot plant of the CIM Foundation in Barcelona, ​​which the attendees can learn about on a guided tour by the staff of the entity attached to the UPC.

If you want to attend the conference register HERE