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We are introducing the World Manufacturing for Scholars

Barcelona will host the next edition of World Manufacturing Forum, an event that will bring together the leading exponents worldwide as innovation within the context of industrial production is concerned. The Fundació CIM-UPC, as a partner in organizing this event, will host one of the side events of the congress of technological progress.

Our facilities FME will host workshops that form the World Manufacturing for Scholars, aimed at high school students. Thus, the three workshops will focus on three phases or very important aspects to consider in the world of technological development.

The first, Brick Planner, will revolve around the production management and will be in charge of Manuel Oliveira from SINTEF -the largest independent investigation organization of Scandinavia-. The next workshop will be managed and directed by Stefano Perini from the Politecnico of Milan, and will focus on the design and product development from a subject of great appeal to teenagers: creating skateborads. Finally, the third workshop will focus on the concept of advanced materialization with a practical activity under the title "Space machining", which be leaded by Pierre Lagarrige, from the Universite Jean Françoise Champillion.

All these activities are intended to fulfill one of the ultimate goals of the Foundation is to bring technology to everyone, in this case, especially the younger ones heading.

The World Manufacturing for Scholars will take place on May 5th at the premises of the Foundation CIM-UPC in the FME, starting at 9 am.