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Print the benefits with your BCN3D

More and more people discover the advantages of 3D printing when getting prototypes of their projects, models, functional parts, etc. But they don’t have access to a machine that can meet your needs.

With the intention of solving that kind of problems pages such as 3D Hubs were born, a host of 3D photocopying online where you can sign up for both a print request or to offer the services of your machine. So, if you have a BCN3D at home and want to take advantage of it you can do so helping other people with their projects simultaneously. Here's how.

Bring 3D technology to everyone

If you are the owner of a BCN3D or you have access to a 3D printer, you can offer the service of your machine for those who want to order you 3D prints of the parts they need. You just have to follow a few simple steps.

To start you need to register and create a profile on the website of 3D Hubs, where you have to bring the usual personal information (name, surname, mail, etc.). In this step is very important to indicate the location, so the web can recommend you the 'communities' that are closest to you and, therefore, your potential customers.


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The next step is to create your own HUB. Do it so using the 'LIST MY PRINTER' tab that opens the top of the screen when you pass the pointer over your profile image. In this case the web will ask you about your area of expertise -3D printing- and, once again, the location of your HUB or distribution point.

Once saved, it will be time to register your 3D printer. You'll have to give full details about the features of your printer and the materials you can print. If you need it, you can see all the qualities of printers BCN3D our website. At the same time, you have to set a base price for the prints -which have to decide calculating necessary material use, energy consumption, etc.- to be competitive in the market and make profits.

Then you have to make a trial order to in order to the administrator activates our portal. To start this process you have to click on "START PRINTING" and "CONTINUE" and once you have accepted the order, go ahead. It will be very important to a photograph of the test piece -Marvin- once have it printed since they are going to ask you for it.


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Finally, you must indicate the order has been completed successfully – ORDER IS PRINTED and PRINT READY- and only wait for the activation by the administrator. And ... Congratulations, you're a 3D printing businessman!

From this time acquiring a BCN3D will no longer be a simple purchase for you, but an investment. Thanks to the quality of 3D printing and 3D Hubs directory you'll get the most out of your machine offering a service to those who need to get parts, models or prototypes quickly and at a very low cost respects the conventional method.