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FENIX Workshop on 3D Printing with recovered materials

Within the framework of the FENIX project, CIM UPC has organized a 3D Printing Workshop to expose the progress made within the project. In this Workshop we want participants to learn how to design and print pieces made of recovered e-wastes (WEEE).

The FENIX project principle is to demonstrate a set of innovative circular business models and industrial strategies through a multi-functional and multi-sectorial manufacturing centre constituted by several existing pilot plants. The main pilot is focused on the treatment of different kinds of e-wastes through a three-phase process that, starting from the wasted products, is able to recover a set of critical materials. 

In one of these pilot plants CIM UPC has adapted a Direct Ink Writing equipment to print the materials obtained from electronic waste.

The FENIX Workshop will take part in the Fab Lab La Fàbrica del Sol, on February 18th and 19th. With this workshop we want participants to learn how to use a DIW equipment and to discover new applications of Additive Manufacturing. 

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18th February  (10 am to 1.30pm)

  • Welcome
  • Fenix Project presentation
  • Introduction to DIW technology and its applications
  • Designing pieces and geometrical considerations
  • Coffee break and networking
  • GCode generation with slicer software

19th February (10 am to 1.40 pm)

  • Welcome
  • 3D printing DIW machine: subparts and machine working
  • Workflow process
  • Coffee break and networking
  • Print demonstration
  • Closure