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We welcome the briefing MANUNET program

The 'Agència per a la Competitivitat de l’Empresa', also known as ACCIÓ, has organized an information session to present the new call for projects by the Eranet Manunet II program.

This is a European program with 17 countries of the European environment involved in. It aims to finance research and development projects in cooperation with companies specialized in the field of advanced manufacturing, such as the Fundació CIM.

The theme of projects that could be financed by this innovative program revolves around the manufacturing field. So, any idea intended for new materials, manufacturing technologies for adaptation, environmental and energy technologies, and information and communication for industrial production, as well as technologies based on knowledge would opt to join the Eranet Manunet II program.

The briefing will therefore intended to provide all necessary information on the call for 2016 of the program and publicize the experience of several companies that have participated in previous editions of the program. In addition, ACCIÓ offers the possibility to request a meeting by companies that want to present their project, to guide them in their development and review them during the briefing.

Through this call Catalan companies have the opportunity to participate in international cooperation projects aimed at developing a new product, process or service in the field of advanced manufacturing and high marketing potential in international markets.

The RDIT of the Fundació CIM building -located at the Mediterranean Technology Park, in Castelldefels- host the event on February 16th.