Research lines

Research lines

Manufacturing and productions systems

This work line is devoted to the analysis, synthesis, simulation and concept demonstration of mechanisms and machines for new digital manufacturing devices. It aims at incorporating intelligent systems into production systems, and to programme control systems. This line is also focused on the materialisation of adaptable devices and methodologies for holding pieces in machines, and on the machining of different materials such as advanced technical ceramics. 

ICT for manufacturing

Monitoring, implementation, programming, configuration and concept evaluation of protocols and ICT-based systems and processing units for new digital manufacturing devices, are the main object of this work line. Moreover, it includes the application of mobile technologies and devices to production systems, and the use of Virtual Plant, Digital Plant and Integrated Production Management. 

New Materials and processes

This line is based on the study, simulation, testing, assessment and prescription of materials uses as to improve the interaction of materials and processes for new digital manufacturing devices. It is focused on the introduction of new materials and devices in additive manufacturing processes, and the materialisation of new production processes based on mechatronic systems.

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