Mechanical Engineer

setembre 25, 2019


Preferably we are looking for a second year Master student in Industrial specialized in Mechanical Engineering


• Designing mechanical device structure for easy installation and deployment into waste containers.
• Develop mechanical parts of the device for waste characterization, using acoustics.
• Implementing improvements for industrialization process.
• Responsible to contact and purchase materials needed for mechanical parts.
• Responsible for the deployment and installation of RecySmart devices into municipalities.
• Responsible to settle main facilities for a successful deployment of the RecySmart device.
• Control stocks.

Job requirements

• 2 or 3 working experience.
• Medium-Advance level in Solidworks design it is a must.
• Knowledge about production techniques: Injection, rotational molding, thermoforming,etc.
• Knowledge about mechanical and chemical properties of materials.
• Knowledge about industrialization processes and key parameters to reduce operational costs.
• Knowledge about acoustic sounds it is highly valuable.
• Knowledge in electronic engineering is valuable

Hours per week: 25-30 h

Price per hour: 6-9 according to value candidate

Interested send CV to


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